Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring Babies and Greens

I have been battling with my white silkie again.  As usual she is broody. Has been for almost two weeks which gets her into trouble with the other girls because they wont take her bitchiness for more than a minute before they chase her and smack her around. So yesterday when I was unable to get her off the nest for more than 5 minutes I decided to give her 3 duck eggs to sit on. My Khaki Campbell ducks are prolific layers in the winter when the chickens aren't so I was thinking of adding two more to their group any way and every spring I get the urge for babies so I may as well let her raise them. That's always a hoot! Just don't tell the man what I'm doing.

The nest she has chosen is on the storage side of the coop and about 2 feet off the floor. That is the side I put all three of my Silkies to roost at night so they don't have to fight with the big girls for space. However, if I leave the door open on a nice day the geese come in to snoop around. Her nest is at just the right height for them to look right in. You would think that big face staring in would be enough to get her to move. Yesterday I found them in the coop harassing her and I had to chase them out and put a baby gate up to protect her. She isn't about to move for a bunch of obnoxious loud mouth geese. Even when they bite her.

I have finished putting soil in the cold frame and although it is a little early I decided to plant some greens. Just lettuce greens. Asian baby lettuce, red sails, butter crunch and romaine. Hope it works. I would love some fresh lettuce not to mention getting a jump on growing stuff. Technically we could still get snow up until April and last year we actually got snow off and on though out April. It was very weird. We had pretty heavy frost all last week but it really kind of feels like the first faint breaths of spring. If anything germinates I will try to find some herb plants to put in too. I'm tired of paying for herbs every time I need a little of something.

This box actually gets limited sun during the day because the sun is so low in the sky that it doesn't clear the neighbors trees but a girl can hope.

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Izzy said...

We've got our fingers crossed that one of our girls will go broody. I can't wait to see your silkie raising a duck!