Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Old Texas Tale Retold

Just a quick note. As you have probably noticed I have been somewhat absent this summer. I have been really busy attempting to grow and preserve and stock pile for what I consider to be a threat to our food supply this next year. The drought in the rest of the country is already causing a lot of people to unload their animals including dogs and cats due to feed prices. Our cool and wet weather here is making it difficult to grow anything that requires sun. I am currently trying to get a fall and winter garden in and preserve anything I can get my hands on at a reasonable price.

In  the mean time here is a good article on  another threat to our environment, our freedom, and our well being all for the sake of a dollar to be made in China.

This is a family being threaten with the loss of their farm to an oil company. They are planning to condemn and take the property and the oil that will be transported through this pipeline is some of the dirtiest. Refining it and burning it will only add to the environmental problems we are already experiencing. They make the buck. We get to pay the clean up and donate our lands. This family needs all the support they can get. They are fighting a fight that should concern all of us and they are brave people. Here is a quote from the women leading the fight for her family.

“We may lose the case. Hell, we’ll probably lose,” she said. “But I played basketball for A&M. I was raised to compete. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to get your teeth kicked in. You go out there and fight.”

If after reading the article and you feel you want to help go here. I know it's hard to come up with five bucks here and there and I don't usually promote this sort of thing but if everyone gave a few maybe just maybe she could make a difference. 

Thanks for reading.