Friday, February 3, 2012

Ahhhhh....Candelmas and Spring! Almost.

Yesterday was Candelmas day. In case you don't remember last years post Candelmas is the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox traditionally celebrated with candles of course. Very pagan-est I suppose. It also happens to be  ground hogs day (which by the way came about because of Candelmas) and my birthday which I keep telling everyone I don't have anymore.  My girls and I did a pajama and movie night with banana splits to celebrate. When the man got home from work at 9pm they gave me a "Candelmas" present. A pasta maker for my Kitchen Aide mixer which I have been wanting for years. Now the time between Christmas and Valentines day is the worst for me for gaining weight because there are always left over Christmas goodies, New Years, Candelmas and Valentines Day. All very heavy in the food and goody department.  Up until last week I was doing really good not putting on the weight I had lost over the past year and with the banana splits I figured a weeks worth of steamed veggies would take care of that. With a new pasta maker I could be in trouble.  Apparently one of the girls heard me complaining about rolling out the egg noodles I made a couple weeks ago. Gee, I wonder what else I can complain about.  I do so like those shoes I saw in the J.Jill catalog!
Although today started out at 32 degrees it is suppose to get into the 50's and the sun is shining. The man rode the bike to work today and that is a sure sign that spring is on the way (even though he has heated riding gear).

The geese went out to our "seasonal" pond and spent hours playing and preening and I saw the first attempt at breeding between Alphie and Mimi. (I think it was Alphie) He doesn't know quite what he is doing since he got the wrong end but at least he is trying. Then that stupid boy duck had to try to join in. That didn't help much however since he seems to know what he is doing maybe he was just giving Alfie some pointers.
Ya. That's Alfie upside down in the pond.


Izzy said...

Happy Birthday! Best Wishes!

Tom Stewart said...

Hello and Happy Birthday!
I found your Blog over at "Modern Day Redneck" and though I would come take a look.
Very Cool. I will be following and reading each post with intrest.
Come take a look at my Blog when you get the time.

sista said...

Want to welcome Tom and Emitt the newest followers. Let me know if you have any questions. Glad to have ya.