Monday, February 27, 2012

I am so Frustrated

Could use a little help from someone that knows something about Blogger. I have been fighting with the comment box for weeks. My last post "silky mothers" etc. Would not put a comment box at the end of the post. I tried everything I could think of. All the old post appear to have a comment box. I thought maybe it was because it was a new post and when it became the post before the one I am writing now a comment box would pop up. Nope not yet anyway. And to make matters worse this one seems to have a comment box. So if anyone out there knows what the heck is up give me a heads up will ya?


Izzy said...


Not sure if you tried this, but give it a whirl!
Under Design, then Settings, then Comments, scroll down until you see Comments Default for Posts, and chose New Posts Have Comments. Also, do you have "anyone" can comment, under "who can comment"?

Here's the order of mine;
Pop up window
New Posts have comments
new posts have backlinks

the rest should be your info

Hope it helps

sista said...

I have all of that and the only thing I didn't have is the back links. I went in and hide them,but it didn't seem to make a difference. Not only that but earlier today this post had a comments box at the bottom. Now it doesn't and I didn't even do anything. You must have used it though? Thanks for trying to help.