Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring in January and the Chicken Palace

A new year and with Christmas boxed up and sent packing my mind turns to more springlike endeavors. Seed catalogs are rolling into my mailbox along with catalogs from the many hatcheries that have tantalized me with pictures of heritage chickens, geese, and ducks.

I am bugging The Man to get out there and start the new "Chicken Palace" and true to his word he made the arduous (and expensive) trip to the lumber store. Of course he may have received inspiration when I told him I had ordered 26 chicks to arrive here in February. Guess he doesn't really want them in our laundry room.

The palace is designed to mirror the architecture of our house and will include a storage loft and potting area or hobby side with the chickens on one side and my stuff on the other. We also have plans to install an automatic door to close shortly after dark so if I am not home in time from some shopping excursion, my feathered darlings will be safely tucked away in their portion of the palace away from night time predators. (More on this later). All this of course will be neatly executed by The Man. I will put it on THE LIST.

Yes I really did order 25 chicks. (The 26th chick is a free one chosen and sent by the hatchery) Our girls wanted Silkie Bantams and selected 4 of them. One of each color. Black, white, buff, and blue. I selected 2 light Brahma bantams and added Buff Orpingtons, large light Brahmas, New Hampshire reds, Black Austalorps, and Speckled Sussex just to round out the flock with hens that will actually lay a respectably sized egg. Hopefully the 26th "free" chick won't be the ugly "turkey neck" breed. This is a really ugly chicken that looks like it got a head transplant from a small turkey. I can't imagine any self respecting rooster having amorous thoughts for this one no matter how desperate and if that one comes with my lovely ladies I will be desperate to unload it.

I have every confidence that the new digs will be ready and waiting for the babes when they get here but just in case I think I better go assist The Man.

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