Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Palace Comes Together

And just in time. It is getting down to the wire for the babes to show up but the man has all the windows in and the inside door separating the two halves of the building done.

Today I will go to the feed store and get supplies. Feeders, waters, chick starter, grit, and chips for bedding. I found an extra large box and the heat lamps to keep the little bugs warm.

The man is finishing up the building and will start digging post holes for the runs. One on each end of the building. My job is to paint. Thats always my job but it wont get done before the big day.

BTW if anyone would like help or advice on how to build or design a chicken coup I would be glad to help. Email or just leave a comment on this blog. This isn't the only coup design in the world but they all have the same requirements for keeping healthy happy chickens.

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