Friday, February 12, 2010

Moving right along...

We are moving along in our venture. You probably have noticed that the dates on this blog are also all in February. I was a little late getting the text started but I made sure I took the photos for the construction on the Chicken Palace. These pictures were all taken in January. I will be playing catch up for the next few days putting in posts that should have been done a month ago so hopefully you will be patient while I catch up to the current date. I also had the problem of learning how to use my new camera that I got for Christmas and downloading the software so I could post to this blog. So much to learn that I really don't want to know!

So as you can see The Man started shortly after the New Year and we now have a roof! Only five windows, a door, four walls, a covered fenced run, nest boxes, roost,.....uh.. ya. It will happen. I hope. I think. I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE MAN! I will help. I will go to the feed store and get The Man some inspiration.

The local feed store got their first order of chicks in today and I almost couldn't resist taking just two of the little fuzz balls home. One of the girls was really pushing to get two of them with promises of keeping them in her room. I don't know how I resisted but I managed to walk out without For now I will just have to be satisfied with getting my equipment ready for the delivery of my chick order. Tomorrow's another day.

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