Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Postman

I love those days when the kids are all home at the same time, quite often with a friend or boyfriend in tow, and we have all settled into the living room after a good meal for a movie. I had ordered this one from Netflix and then had to listen to the man complaining about watching some old movie (1997) that we had already seen and why did I order that one. The kids took a look at the run time (3 hours) and complained about the time. I didn't say anything except I thought it was a good movie when I saw it the first time. Guess what happened? Everyone was glued to the tv! It was actually better the second time than the first for me. I think because when I saw it in '97 it was very much a science fiction flick. This time fiction was much closer to reality.

The story opens in 2013 in what was once the United States. It starts at the end of a three year period of winter where "dirty snow" has been the norm after a nuclear apocalypse and our  protagonist (Kevin Costner) plays a traveling con man performing badly done Shakespeare in exchange for food, lodging, and supplies in various settlements or villages along the way. After escaping the bad guys he ends up taking refuge in an old mail truck and strips the long dead mail carriers uniform to replace his own soaked clothing. Taking a bag of mail he eventually continues his travels using the mail to con people into believing in a revived republic of the United States.

The reason I think I like this film is because it shows several scenarios for social breakdown and what people are likely to do in such a situation. It also demonstrates the power of hope and what people are willing to believe in when the situation looks impossible. Most of all,  I realize that all the prepping in the world could not prepare for the worse. It can only make it a little easier. Being part of a sustainable community however small is the one thing that would make a big difference.

The movie does not follow the novel very close at all but is still a good movie. In this case I saw the movie first and it was probably a good thing I did or I would have had set expectations and not liked it at all. If you are looking for some entertainment, suspense, and perhaps something to think about I highly recommend this movie. Available through Netflix or maybe even at your local library. If you have already seen it many years ago watch it again. You will see more this time than you did before.

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