Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Radio Journalist

As most of you know our youngest was privileged to do an internship with KUOW Radio in Seattle, an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR). The program is called Radio active and the purpose is to train future radio journalist. We went into Seattle twice a week and into the station about every other Saturday for 6-7 weeks while she learned interview techniques, writing for radio, editing and I'm sure other stuff that I don't know. She was really thrilled with the program and produced a podcast for Radioactive about a women who is creating a home for the 86 homeless students on Whidbey.

Go to this website. You will see a picture of 5 girls. She is the second one from your left. 

Click on either the MP3 or the download to listen and don't be alarmed when you hear a bunch of noise that sounds like static. It is their introduction then there is something about some guy and ozone that last about a minute. Her story is right after that. 

Let me know what you think. We are very proud of her. 


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Izzy said...

Good for her! I'm sure you're very proud. - Izzy