Monday, July 11, 2011

Hooligan geese

This is going to be a short post. I love my geese but.........
My geese are into everything. Today I watched from a window as they decided to harass the hammock in the back yard and pull the blanket into one of the water buckets that I have setting around for them. If I leave my gardening gloves within reach I get to chase them around the yard trying to get them back. They have opened feed sacks, ripped holes in bales of plastic covered bedding chips, and climbed the steps to my front porch looking for trouble. If I am in the house getting some work done or dinner they stand on the back porch trying to pull the screen door off.
click on photo to enlarge

Territorial with the poultry waterers or anything else with water in it they chase the chickens biting their butts until I yell at them. Then they run to me acting  (and looking) like innocent angels with their wings open and talk, talk, talking when I'm out in the yard. I know it is my own fault because they imprinted on me as babies and I wanted them to so they would be nice. I just wasn't expecting them to be like kids that have to be watched all the time.
Like babies they look totally innocent when they are sleeping with their heads tucked under their wings. Because they have so many feathers you can't tell where their heads are unless they open an eye to see what you are doing then that big beautiful blue eye looks at you to see if it is worth waking up for.

 Yes, I love my geese.



Spencer Schankel said...

Cry me a river. Cry me a river. Whose idea was this, anyway.

Sign me,
Secret Laughing.

sista said...

Wait til I comment on your blog ol' boy! ha!

Sherry said...

Yes indeed hooligans, but beautiful hooligans... that have a mom that loves them ;)

Modern Day Redneck said...

Very nice pics of the Geese. I love the green grass you still have.