Friday, July 30, 2010

New Man on Campus

Charlotte aka Charlie
The little Prince
This will be short on words and longer on pictures. We discovered that Charlotte our white Silkie is actually a Charlie. So because he was all boy and a real Casanova we decided to find him a new home. I also took on a new rooster. He is a Japanese Bantam and really small. I won't have to worry about him pestering the girls because he is so small but he is still a good look out and protector for the girls. We still have the blue (gray) Silkie rooster but I think that will work out OK. Our new boy and "Big Man on Campus" name is Prince so of course we call him the little Prince. He is very sweet and seems to like to be held and fed.

Also just for  grins I am posting some pictures of the garden, always a work in progress. The cedar box in the middle was built by the man (of course) so my youngest girl could have a rose garden. We will be filling that with soil and shopping for roses this next week. Hope we can still find some.

The Man true to his nature has installed a watering system of soaker hoses that meander through out the vegi beds. Note in the potato picture the timer in the back. This comes on every morning and waters the garden for an hour before I get out of bed and before the chicken door automatically opens for the day. Go figure.
A volunteer in the compost 
Ducks on a slug hunt
I will leave you with pictures of the garden and the ducks that are working tirelessly on eradicating all the slugs from the garden. Check out my other blog. It stars our oldest girl and follows her through her Senior year of high school and her freshman year of college. She is doing them simultaneously through Running Start and includes several exciting projects that she is taking on this year. You can find this at and it follows her through scuba lessons, her quest to do the 3 day walk for cancer, and her first year at Orca at Everett Community College to name a few.

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