Friday, July 16, 2010

The Egg and I

It has been a busy summer so far but it's always busy around here. Our youngest has flown off to Boise for a visit and to have a little summer fun. Our oldest just got her first car. We have only been looking since January. The man is still working on his ever growing list. (Finish one, add two) I have been trying to establish the garden and play with the chickens and ducks. We have managed to grow lettuce and peas. The pumpkins came up on their own out of the (apparently) not cooked enough compost that I used in the garden. The zucchini and squash have blossoms and the hope of producing fruit sticking out all over and tomatoes! I went over board on the tomatoes. Apparently some women buy shoes and I buy tomato plants. I have about 17, two of each variety that I was interested in. Hope the family is ready for a lot of cheese and leaves. (basil and tomato, and mozzarella cheese).

The chickens and ducks have grown up. Yesterday we got our first egg, small and light brown and without a clue as to who laid it. Today I suspect it was the light Brahma bantam whom I have named Miss Daisy. I heard a huge commotion in the coop and went running out there only to find her standing in the middle squawking like she had just laid the biggest egg ever. No eggs today however.

The ducks have grown up and to my surprise both are female so I found them a boyfriend and a handsome guy he is too. The girls boss him around though but I guess that is better than the alternative.

I will be busy with my (human) girls this summer. The oldest is taking scuba lessons and doing the Susan Koman 3 day walk. I and my youngest will be helping with fund raising and we have been doing some brainstorming ideas for raising funds. Everything from a dog wash to advertising on our training tee shirts for businesses. My youngest got a nice camera for her birthday and is experimenting with photography. She is also a pretty good writer so I am hoping to surprise her with an activity that has to do with writing. Any way my chicken blog could become a photo gallery for the summer but keep checking back for updates. I am also going to do a blog for the oldest since this is her last year of high school and there is so much going on. Look for a link to her blog. It should be exciting!
A weeks worth of pullet
eggs. They're beautiful!

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