Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finished Enough? Bathroom Update.

It is mostly finished or maybe what you call finished enough for now like most of our projects. I am having a heck of a time finding just the right mirror or at least framing for a mirror so we are temporarily using one from the hall.  If anyone out there has an idea where to find a really large, affordable  (approximately  54 X 36 inch) frame molding let me know. So far frame shops are somewhere between $400 and $800 for just the molding. Mirror Mate is much more affordable but limited in what they carry. We were going to try to make a frame but didn't like anything we came up with.

I am also trying to decide on a roller shade for the window. Smith and Noble has good looking roller shades for the window but kind of spendy too and the man and I can't agree on what looks good. I will probably end up buying a plain fabric shade and making a valence that I can change when I get the urge as I so often do.

The bead board and cabinets are glacier white and the top half  of the walls are Ivory Tusk paint from  Clark and Kensington paint, an Ace Hardware Brand. Really nice paint but also spendy. However it did cover in one coat and spatters were minimal. Apparently this paint also got kudos from consumer reports too.
This is actually white. 

We used white subway tile in the shower with a decorative border and a high quality white shower pan on the floor. Then we had Dennis Meszaro,  Meszaros Glass Studio put in the glass door and panel. He did a great job and even though our wall was 1/4 inch off he was able to compensate for that giving us the clean look we wanted.

One of the best things about this bathroom is the new American Standard  toilet. No more trying to clean all those curvy pipe like things on the bottom that catch every piece of dirt and crud that floats by. The profile is simple and clean and it flushes like a dream without any extra help. Call me weird but I love it when things work the way they are suppose to.

We have two stained glass windows that came out of a garden trellis in the front yard. The trellis was rotting into oblivion and we really wanted to save the glass. I would like to hang or display them on the wall above the tub after we refinish them but we will see about that. In the mean time here are pictures. The bathroom is more than usable and I love the colors. Being neutral will let me change colors with the seasons with the addition of towels and rugs.

Click on the pictures to see more detail. 


Tami said...

Looks bright and fresh. I hear ya on the toilet. Who knew such a simple design would make life SO much easier @;)

Izzy said...

What an amazing job! I'm sure you're happy it's done, minus the few little details. Good to see you are among the living and had a chance to post. I look forward to reading about your antics on the west coast!