Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Example of

Remember Ferry Morse Seed Company? Well remember well because that is all it is going to be is a distant reminder. Ferry Morse Sold It has been gobbled up by the same company that gobbled Plantation Products. They are both now owned by an investment corporation called RFE Investments.  Although I can't say they were a great company that only uses organic non-GMO seed they have been around for decades and the people that worked for them got booted in a very inhumane way. (Plus their seed packets were beautiful enough for framing.)

So I am asking my readers to pass this information on. I am passing it on from the Never Done Farm blog with added information. Check out the links in this post.

I am also passing on this interesting link to you.

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Izzy said...


I remember Ferry Morse Seeds! It's too bad that this stuff keeps happening, not only are people losing their jobs, but our quality of produce and/or ability to grow our own keeps shrinking. Thanks for the info!