Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember Me?

Hard to believe that these are the cute little ducks hatched less than two months ago. Fully feathered but no drake feathers to let me know which may be boys. I suspect the one at the top of this picture is a boy. He is the biggest.  These not so little ducks are so friendly that I have to be extremely careful to not step on them. They are constantly under foot looking for a hand out. They follow me every where and love to walk down to the pond with me but rarely go by themselves. Guess they are still just babies even though they look grown up. They pretty much just hang out with the chickens. I can't tell which one is the one that almost didn't make it. They are all very healthy duckys. Good job silky moma!


Modern Day Redneck said...

Ducks are the one thing on the Mini Farm I do not have. I have raised them before back on the farm but the Geese are enough for me as far as water fowl.
They look really good.

Izzy said...

Awe, they're adorable!

sista said...

Thanks Izzy. They are really cute and they act like clowns.

MDR-I can't believe you don't have ducks. Especially Khaki Campbells. I think you may be missing a money making opportunity. I discovered that I had a whole community of duck egg lovers out there willing to buy them which is why I am expanding my flock of girls. They also lay more eggs in the winter than the chickens do.