Monday, October 31, 2011

So Much for a Catch Up Blog

Getting the pictures to load up was much harder than I had anticipated. As you can see I ended up re-posting the last blog again but with a couple pics. That was me trying to figure it out but with the help of a friend I think I got it. The other problem that I was having was time, exhaustion, and an over abundance of work. My brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of August. I and his partner were trying to care for him along with all the regular things that I had to do related to a family and small farm. On October 14th it became apparent that she and I were not going to be able to care for him at home any longer. I moved him to Enso house here on the island. It's a beautiful place and I was lucky to find it and have the opportunity to get him in since they only take two clients at a time and that is if they have the staffing when needed. Follow this link for more info.  I highly recommend this place and feel this community is very lucky to have this resource.

On top of that two days later I took her to the hospital because her back was so painful. She has a compression fracture in a vertebrae and is now in a nursing home.  I am hoping to find a solution for her and get her into assisted living.

My brother died October 18th. I was devastated but his passing was peaceful, I was able to get his partner there the day before and I was there for him all the way through. I miss him every day. Now I just have the stuff to do like closing accounts and moving things from their apartment to do. For those who are asking, a donation to Enso house is being requested instead of flowers and such. They are a 501 charity and get most of their funding from donations. I wish every community had something like this. Believe me it beats the hell out of a nursing home. Not only do they care for the person but they support the family and friends that need it as well.

So I am still overly busy but hope to get caught up on my own work around here and my blog. Thank you all for being patient. I hope my followers will still be following me when I am fully up and running again.

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