Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Computer in my Future

After much fussing and shopping the man took the plunge. He bought himself a power house computer which means I will get his old one. I would have been happy with a computer from the local big box warehouse but he would have nothing to do with that. So when the very slow free shipping truck gets here and he transfers everything he wants off his current computer AND he sets mine up, I will be back in business. Thank you to all for waiting. I will have more garden and animal pics and recipes of course. Considering how cold the weather was here the garden is finally producing. In the mean time I am working on gardening and weeding the perennial beds around the house. They were such a mess from the neglect of having no one live here in this house for nearly 2 years. Fortunately for us the house remained snug enough that it didn't suffer as much damage as some that we had looked at. I am looking forward to writing again. See ya soon.

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Izzy said...

Looking forward to your updates. - Izzy