Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sorry! Where does the time go?

It is the first week of November already and I haven't posted since August. YIKES! I got a couple nudges from people that I think I don't know or at least didn't recognize on comments. I didn't think anyone was actually reading this (except my brother whom I force to read my blog) and as a result it is really really easy to find an excuse to forget about updating. But alas I guess I have a fan or two so let me see if I can come up with something somewhat entertaining.

Our walker on the left.
 Our walker stalker is on the right. 
My oldest teen did the Susan G. Komen 3day walk for the cure in September. 60 miles and a terrific experience for her and the rest of the family. We managed to pull together the required $2300 dollars thanks to donations and a rummage sale that helped to empty out our garage. Funny thing about that garage. It seems to have filled up again. Hmmmm......

The clean up crew
The garden surprised me. Just when I thought it was finished it started producing. I got ripe tomatoes, a few acorn squash, about 30lbs. of potatoes, eggplant, corn, string beans, lettuce, and a few other odds and ends. Seems like summer decided to wait until fall to do something. I planted some autumn broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts and then let the ducks come in for a while to help with clean up of the summer stuff. They weren't much help though. I really need to teach them how to pull weeds.

Some one requested a recipe so here is a quickie that most gardener's probably already know for acorn squash. My kids love this one.

You will need a half acorn squash per person.
Cut squash in half and remove seeds. Place in a baking dish.
In each half place a pat of butter and some brown sugar in the cavity. Lay a half piece of bacon across the cavity and bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. You can test by poking with a fork to see if the squash is done but don't poke through the skin or all that yummy, sweet, fattening goodness leaks out onto the pan.
This is really good with a meat loaf and a salad on a cool fall day because you can cook the squash and meat loaf at the same time and it warms up the house while you are making a salad! Dinner with benefits!

Sadie on my lap
So I bet you are wondering how the girls (chickens) are doing. Well they are in full production. I am getting somewhere between 15 and 19 eggs a day. I have to get busy and make a sign to sell some eggs cuz with all that production it is costing me a fortune to feed them. Even though they free range all over the yard. Free range comes with a cost. Such as having demanding chickens looking through the glass door on the porch

demanding their kitchen scraps and bread. (their favorite) It also means that sitting on the porch having a nice quiet moment is a thing of the past. Sadie thinks she is a lap dog and hops up every chance she gets. You might remember Sadie (originally named Squeaky) as the chicken that got an injured toe just before we were to leave on spring break. She got use to watching TV with the man very quickly and now has no fear.

The snake eater
Speaking of no fear. I noticed one of the Black chickens out in the yard with a rather large piece of trash in her mouth so because I am a mom and don't want my children or my chickens eating things they aren't suppose to I went to investigate. She had a garden snake in her mouth and was shaking it to death trying to break it into edible pieces. Yuk! I watched in awe for a couple of minutes before snagging the camera. By that time some of the other chickens saw what was going on and came over to see what tasty thing this lady had. The snake was still in one piece and to keep the other ladies from taking it from her this girl ate the whole thing from tail to head gulping an inch at a time until it was gone. I couldn't believe it! She had a very full crop when she was done but she kept her prize. I think she was full for at least two days.

My crowning achievement this summer and something I didn't think I would get done was painting the coop. (with the help of the man) I like it so much I think I am going to decorate it for Christmas. I like to decorate something out in the yard where I can see it as opposed to putting lights on my own house (that no one can see anyway because we are off the main road). Stay tuned for pictures of that. Also coming up in the next blog will be a recipe for a rustic apple pie. Just in time for Thanksgiving! I love this pie. Takes time  to make but oh so yummy.


Janet W. of Bayview said...

Thanks so much for updating! and the recipe, as well! Could you use any sort of home-grown squash substitute?

Anonymous said...

Great post Susan! I seriously covet your henhouse, It is beautiful! One day I shall have similar (when all the human babies grow up). :-) I hope you won't mind, I have shared your blog with some friends I think will enjoy it.

Down Home Dude said...

Nice blog, great thoughts. New to blogging but I enjoy yours very much!

sista said...

Any squash will work Janet. I just happen to like acorn the best. Thanks for reading.